In a land of concrete and steel, it can be difficult to imagine luxury landscaping. But a beautiful garden design is possible with the help of landscaper Amber Freda. Since 2004, she’s been relied on by New York residents to put together stunning plans and then execute them with a top-notch installation. Amber hasn’t disappointed, as evidenced by a client list that includes George Soros, David Faucon, and Mark Bertolini.

Please don’t mistake us as a lawn care or hardscaping company. When you allow us to tackle your project, we work through the entire process without delegating tasks to a third party. Rest assured that we will never hand work over to a sales rep or unreliable installation crew. Clients appreciate that Amber personally oversees the design from start to finish. Once the two of you complete an on-site consultation to evaluate your style and vision, Amber moves on to the layout. Keep in mind that our staff can handle everything from planting schemes to furniture layouts to more custom features such as patios, fences, and outdoor kitchens.

But what specifically sets Amber Freda Landscape Design apart from the rest? When we complete your project, you will immediately notice how your revamped space feels like a natural extension of your home. We love knowing that our work can be such life-changing spots for our clients.

Over the years, Amber has developed the idea of healing gardens to help people connect on a deeper level to both their gardens and themselves. These types of gardens engage the senses on multiple levels through a combination of aesthetics, fragrance, tactile experiences, and sound. Amber can even recommend herbal baths and teas using herbs from your garden that will allow you to get the most out of your space.

Let that dream of a beautiful rooftop garden become a reality. Contact our landscape design professionals today.