Many New York City residents wish they could install some sort of garden on their rooftop or terrace. But with building requirements, utilities, and not knowing which features to include, it can be a challenge to achieve that dream. That’s where Amber Freda Landscape Design comes into play. For more than a decade, Amber has been recognized across NYC for her landscape design expertise.

As beautiful as NYC is, it’s no secret that concrete and steel dominate the land. Unlike many hardscaping companies, our team is proud to offer cohesive, fully integrated design plans that include all the necessary elements. We believe that your new space should look and feel like a natural extension of your home. From adding plants and planters to furniture and more custom work, Amber can create a garden that you will love.

Here’s what you can expect. We will begin with an on-site consultation to evaluate your style and vision, as well as the site conditions. Amber then constructs design plan drawings that will show you how all of the different project elements come together. Once we have your approval, it’s time for the installation. Rest assured that we will install all of the plants and planters ourselves, while our general contractor builds out custom features in a way that’s well-designed and hassle-free. Clients appreciate that their project is never handed over to a sales rep or installation crew. Not to mention, you can feel comfortable knowing that Amber will be working on your project at every step, ensuring that every detail meets her high standards.

Should you be interested, our custom landscaping professionals can also install drip irrigation systems and recommend which lighting solutions work best for your space. That’s not all, though! In order to keep your plants healthy and thriving, we offer ongoing maintenance of your garden.

If you’re ready to start relaxing in your own private oasis, schedule a consultation today.