Amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City, it can seem impossible to connect with nature. Since 2004, Amber Freda Landscape Design has been recognized for our expertise. As opposed to a standard landscaping or hardscaping company, we offer cohesive, fully integrated design plans that include all of the necessary elements. We strive to not only transform your space into an oasis of natural beauty but do so in a way that feels like a natural extension of your home.

Let’s discuss our healing gardens for a moment. We are proud to say that in a land of concrete and steel, our designs are some of the most treasured green spaces on the planet. Keep in mind that healing gardens engage our senses on multiple levels through a combination of fragrances, aesthetics, tactile experiences, and sound. You may not think much of it, but having the chance to hear the sound of leaves rustling or smell the flowers have a positive impact on our brains. In fact, it’s been proven that depression, anxiety, insomnia, and lethargy can be alleviated through a greater connection to the natural world.

When you choose Amber Freda Landscape Design to handle your project, the entire process is hassle-free. Unlike big landscaping companies where a project is handed off to multiple people, Amber oversees the design of each step from start to finish. Our team installs all of the plants and planters, while our own general contractor builds out the custom features according to our specifications. Best of all, Amber ensures that every detail meets her high standards.

No longer do you have to feel disconnected from nature, even in NYC. See what makes us a Top Rated Local® Garden Designer in Brooklyn Heights. Schedule a consultation today.