Are you wanting to upgrade your space in Brooklyn with some sort of luxury landscaping but aren’t sure where to start? In a city where concrete and steel dominates the environment, it can be difficult to come up with a beautiful oasis of green. Fortunately, Amber Freda thrives in this aspect and she can help you enjoy the landscape of your dreams.

It’s no secret that rooftop gardens are becoming more popular for those in the city. But they can very easily be done in a poor, unprofessional manner. Many times, companies will use a one-size-fits-all approach as they throw together some plants and random furniture in the hope that the end results looks good. That’s nowhere near the mindset of Amber with client projects. She first meets with you on-site to evaluate your style and vision, as well as the site conditions to ensure the recommendations fit comfortably in your space. From there, we offer comprehensive design plan drawings that show you how all the elements work together.

Then comes the installation portion. Here’s another area where we differ from the competition. Unlike other companies that hand off tasks to a third party, we have a general contractor on staff to build out the custom features according to our specifications. You don’t have to worry if the job will get done the way you expected. You will quickly realize after meeting Amber that she demands the highest quality and professionalism for her clients. In that regard, the installation feels seamless, well-designed, and hassle-free.

Don’t forget that we specialize in one-of-a-kind healing gardens. These serve as therapeutic spots where clients can connect on a deeper level to both nature and themselves. Amber can help you take in the combination of aesthetics, fragrance, and sound of the beauty around you.

Stop scrolling through pages of ordinary landscaping companies. Instead, take the custom route with Amber Freda Landscape Design. Call us now.