In a land of concrete and steel, how can it be possible to enjoy your own beautiful green space? At Amber Freda Landscape Design, we are changing the game of high-end landscaping in East Village and throughout Manhattan. Our team is recognized across the region for our landscape design expertise. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean lawn care, maintenance, or hardscaping. Rather, we offer cohesive, fully integrated landscape design plans that include everything from furniture and plants to planters and custom work. Not to mention, we do so in a way that feels like a natural extension of your home.

For those who want to connect deeper with themselves and nature, we encourage you to learn more about our healing gardens. This type of garden offers clients the opportunity for a more interactive landscaping experience that helps people engage the senses on multiple levels through a combination of fragrance, tactile experiences, aesthetics, and sound. Amber can even help you take your experience to the next level with herbal baths and teas using herbs from the garden that will allow you to heal and relax.   

Our team makes the process easy, whether you opt for a healing garden or something completely different. We begin with an on-site consultation where we evaluate your style, vision, and space conditions. From there, we move on to design. We take the time to show you all of the elements through plan drawings so you can see how they look together. You can feel comfortable knowing that we can design everything from planting schemes and furniture layouts to custom features such as decks and patios. The next step is installation. As opposed to handing off work to third parties and subcontractors, we install of the plants and planters ourselves while our general contractor builds out the necessary custom features according to our specifications.

Everything we do is meant to feel seamless, well-designed, and hassle-free. Because client satisfaction is our top priority, our garden designer personally oversees every project from start to finish. From the initial design to the day of installation, Amber ensures that every detail meets her high standards.

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