Don’t think it’s possible to have a beautiful green space in Manhattan? Amber Freda has been dispelling this notion since 2004. In short, Amber has a passion for creating cohesive, fully integrated landscape design plans. Not only has our local garden designer taught classes at the New York and Brooklyn botanical gardens, but Amber has also been featured in mainstream publications such as The New York Times, the Associated Press, and Better Homes & Gardens, among others. Amber offers clients with a design aesthetic that looks and feels like a natural extension of their homes.

Whether your project entails a rooftop garden, healing garden, or something completely different, the process starts with an on-site consultation where Amber evaluates your style and vision. Soon after the consultation, Amber and the rest of the team move on to the design phase. You can feel comfortable knowing we are well-versed with a number of custom features such as decks, patios, pergolas, fences, and outdoor kitchens. Following the design step, we prepare for the actual installation of everything. It’s important to note that we install all plants and planters ourselves while our general contractor handles any custom features.

Part of what makes Amber such a highly rated NYC garden designer is her eye for detail. Whereas other landscaping companies might rush through the installation process, Amber takes the time to ensure every minute detail meets her high standards. Never will our garden designer hand off a task to a third-party contractor.

Amber Freda is here to manage all of your landscape design and installation services, including drip irrigation, landscape lighting, and ongoing maintenance. See for yourself what makes Amber the best in the business. Schedule an initial consultation with our experienced garden designer today!