Image of backyard with stone pavers, smooth stone and a wooden deck.

Garden Design Brooklyn Backyard

This garden design for a Brooklyn backyard features an ipe (pronounced e-pay) fence and deck, sod, a bluestone patio, and a stepping stone path surrounded by Mexican beach stones. We developed this garden with a very specific color scheme in mind, and we limited the palette to blues, greens, and browns, with some black accents.  Furnishings shown here include black outdoor lounge chairs and blue dining chairs. Plantings include junipers, grasses, euonymus, and lavendar highlighted by low-voltage landscape lighting.

Pro Tips:


When it comes to garden design in small spaces like this Brooklyn backyard, it’s a good idea to come up with a simple color palette of 3-5 colors.  When you use those same colors over and over again in the design, the result is a cohesive, high impact, well designed garden that doesn’t feel overwhelming or random.


Even in a small urban setting, a garden can be a great attractor for beautiful wildlife. What could be better than sitting in your armchair and watching a brilliant butterfly or hummingbird come into your garden for a sip of nectar? Good butterfly-attracting plants for city gardens include butterfly bush, hornbeam, clethra, dogwood, cherry, rhododendron, lilac, coreopsis, lavender, verbena, snapdragon, oregano, and parsley. Good bird-attracting plants include birch, dogwood, juniper, cherry, strawberry, fig, pine, and sedge. The best hummingbird-attracting plants are butterfly bush, coral bells, daylily, petunia, verbena, and weigela.