Roof Garden Design Brooklyn – Carroll Gardens

This roof garden design Brooklyn is located in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood.  The garden features custom-designed cedar planter boxes filled with a lush mix of junipers, maiden grass, arborvitaes, creeping Jenny, and purple coneflower. The plants are illuminated with black metal up-lights for a dramatic nighttime effect.

Cedar is a rot-resistant wood that is an excellent choice for outdoor applications such as planters, fences, pergolas, and more.  It has a 15-20 year life-expectancy and can be stained or treated any color.  For this project, we oiled it with Penofin to help bring out the naturally rich tones of the wood.  Any outdoor wood, if left untreated, will eventually weather to grey.



The Four Season Garden is of particular interest to me because I believe the garden should be enjoyed in every season. Spring is a celebration of vibrant new growth and tender blooms, summer is a season of ripening and lush growth, fall is the season for mature blooms, graceful grasses, and the rich hues of fall foliage, and winter is a season of evergreens, berries, and the beauty of interesting tree bark textures. Every season is ripe with beauty if we just know how to encourage it.

When designing a garden, I often try to include plants that will bloom in every season, while also including some evergreens for winter interest.  There are also plants with beautiful new foliage in Spring, such as red Japanese maples with their scarlet leaves.  There are a multitude of trees with beautiful fall foliage as well, such as the yellows of birch trees or the rich reds and oranges of maple trees.

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