Terrace Design New York – Refurbished Deck

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a space!  When I first saw this roof deck on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, it had a lot of very weathered looking existing wood with rotting boards in some places. After replacing the rotted boards and giving all of the existing wood a good pressure washing, sanding, several coats of paint, this deck and fence look as good as new.  The two-tone effect of a rich brown deck with a light grey fence provides some nice contrast and really brightens up the entire space.  This design includes durable outdoor wicker furnishings, grey fiberglass pots, and automated drip irrigation and up-lighting in the planters.  For the plantings, we chose sun-loving, hardy plants such as blue junipers, spartan junipers, a crape myrtle tree, a birch tree, ornamental grasses, hardy mums, and coral bells.

Pro Tips for Terrace Gardens:


If you can see the garden from indoors, it’s a good idea to mix in some evergreens with plants that bloom at various times of the year so you will have always have something interesting to look at, no matter what time of year it is.


A 1-2″ layer of mulch will help protect your plants from extreme heat as well as extreme cold.


Plants in containers eat up fertilizer much more quickly than plants in the ground. During the warmer months from May to September, you should plan on fertilizing once every two weeks for blooming and fruiting plants and once a month for all others.

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