Amber Freda Landscape Design is proud to serve those in Queens, specifically in Long Island City and Astoria. For more than a decade, Amber has put her heart and soul into providing high-end, detailed oriented landscaping. She continues to wow clients with her unmatched ability to transform just about any space into an oasis of natural beauty.

Here’s how the process with Amber works. The two of you begin with an on-site consultation where she evaluates your style and vision. Amber uses this information to serve as the foundation of your landscape plan. From there, we offer comprehensive layout drawings that are ready to be submitted for board approval and allow you to show how each of the elements come together. Keep in mind that the drawings can include custom features such as turf, patio, decks, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, etc. Once the design is finalized, our luxury landscaping team will install the plants and planters ourselves, while our general contractor builds out the custom features accordingly. Why do we not outsource installation tasks to a third party? Well, you’ll notice that Amber always has high expectations for a project. In order for them to be met, the design must be perfectly executed and feel seamless.

Our custom landscaping doesn’t stop there, though! We can also provide drip irrigation systems to maximize the health of your plants, thereby promoting longevity for years to come. Amber will even work with you to determine the right landscape lighting.

We stop at nothing to keep our clients happy. That’s why we offer ongoing maintenance of your garden to keep plants thriving. From pruning and pest control to weeding and leaf cleanup, we will do whatever is necessary to keep your space looking great.

If you’ve always wanted a rooftop garden or terrace but never knew where to start, give Amber a call.