How would you like to add a beautiful, natural living space to your property? At Amber Freda Landscape Design, we are recognized across New York City for our expertise. Unlike traditional lawn care, maintenance, or hardscaping companies, we have a keen eye for design and installation. Our experienced garden designer offers cohesive, fully integrated plans that include everything from furniture and plants to planters and custom work. If you have a vision, we strive to make it come to life.

Amber Freda has been a pioneer of custom, high-end landscaping in the NYC area. She’s taught dozens of classes at the New York botanical gardens, been featured in numerous publications and television shows, and has been interviewed as a guest expert on the CBS New York Morning Show. Not only that, but Amber’s client list includes notables such as George Soros, Joseph Edelman, Bobbi Brown, and others. When Amber got started in the industry, she wanted to offer clients the chance to have a garden featuring a design aesthetic that felt like a seamless, natural extension of their homes. Whereas other landscaping companies take a “one-size-fits-all” approach, Amber believes in capturing a client’s personality and style, as well as giving them the feeling of being in their own private oasis.

Amber makes the process simple and stress-free. We begin with an on-site consultation to determine your style, vision, and site conditions. When we’re ready to move on to the design phase, our team shows you how all of the elements look together. Our plan drawings can include everything from decks and patios to fences and outdoor kitchens. Once the design is finalized, Amber gives the green light for installation. Unlike other landscaping companies, we don’t hand off tasks to subcontractors and third parties. Rather, we install the plants and planters ourselves, while our general contractor builds out the custom features according to our specifications in a way that feels seamless, well-designed, and hassle-free.

If interested, we also offer drip irrigation systems, landscape lighting, and ongoing maintenance to ensure that your space looks incredible for years to come. When it comes to luxury landscaping in Soho, you can trust Amber Freda Landscape Design. Call now to get started.