What exactly does “luxury landscaping” mean to you? To some, it could mean a beautiful garden. For others, it might be a pergola, potted plants, and an outdoor kitchen. Whatever your dream urban oasis may be, Amber Freda Landscape Design can help make it a reality. Our team of garden designers understands that, in a land of concrete and steel, our finished projects turn out to be some of the most treasured green spaces on the planet. Unlike other companies who only specialize in lawn care, maintenance, or hardscaping, we do so much more. As professional, high-end landscape designers, we offer cohesive, fully integrated design plants that include any number of elements. From furniture and plants to planters and custom work, we strive to create a space that feels like a natural extension of your home.

Amber’s ability hasn’t gone unnoticed. Since 2004, she’s taught dozens of classes at the New York and Brooklyn botanical gardens. Her client list includes the likes of David Faucon, Reshma Shetty, Mark Bertolini, and others. Amber has been interviewed on the CBS New York Morning Show and has been highlighted in various publications, including Better Homes & Gardens. What exactly sets Amber apart from the rest? It’s her desire to offer folks with a design aesthetic that feels completely seamless, capturing a client’s personality and style. With Amber Freda Landscape Design, we want to give clients the feeling of being in a private oasis.

Our process is comprised of an on-site consultation, design phase, and installation. During each step of the way, Amber is heavily involved. In contrast to other companies, your project will never be handed over to a sales rep or third party crew. While our clients may have high expectations, we have even higher ones to ensure that you absolutely love your new space.

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