What comes to mind when you think of landscaping? You might consider lawn maintenance, tree care, or hardscaping. But New York is a bit of a different animal in terms of landscaping. With the limited space that folks have available, it can be a challenge coming up with a design plan. Over the years, Amber Freda has enjoyed more and more success with helping clients achieve the landscape of their dreams. Amber Freda Landscape Design is currently recognized across New York City for our expertise.

Take a moment to consider your current space at home. As confined as it may be, Amber will work with you to ensure the custom features fit in and adapt to the environment. So how exactly does Amber develop a customized urban oasis for clients? She starts by listening and responding to your vision during the initial consultation. Amber will then move on to the design plan drawings that show you how each element works together. Whether we’re working on a rooftop garden, rooftop terrace, or something completely different, you can feel comfortable knowing that the end result will reflect your style and personality. Amber’s client list consists of a number of celebrities, including Bobbi Brown, George Soros, Brett Icahn, and others. Plus, she’s been featured in The New York Times, Associated Press, Better Homes & Gardens, and New York Magazine. When you choose to team with our landscape design team, you know that you’re getting the best.

When the time comes for installation, we don’t just hand off the task to a third party. We put in all of the plants and planters on our own, while our general contractor builds out all of the custom features (decks, benches, etc.) according to our specifications. Keep in mind that Amber upholds high expectations for each project, so once the installation is complete, the result is a gorgeous space that feels like a seamless transition.

Don’t settle for anything less than stunning landscaping. Call Amber Freda Landscape Design today.