In a land of concrete and steel, the landscapes that Amber Freda designs are some of the most treasured green spaces on the planet.

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NYC Landscape Design

We are recognized across New York City for our landscape design expertise. We aren’t primarily a “lawncare” or “maintenance” or “hardscaping” company, like many of our competitors, who simply aren’t designers. We offer cohesive, fully integrated landscape design plans that include all of the elements, including furniture, plants, planters & custom work in a way that feels like a natural extension of your home.

Thinking About Installing a Garden in NYC?
Here Are Some Things to Know:

Can I have a garden on my rooftop, backyard or terrace?
  • Know your basic building requirements – codes, rules, etc. Every building is different, so doing some research ahead of time into your particular building’s co-op rules can save you a lot of headaches later on.
What utilities are required for a garden?
  • Water and electricity are the most important. You may also want a gas line if you’re planning to do a fire-pit or gas grill.
What features can be incorporated into a landscape design?
  • Our plans start with the basics – plants, planters, irrigation, and lighting. From there, you can add on furniture or custom features, such as pergolas, fences, decks, benches, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, saunas, and spas.
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Rooftop gardens can be challenging spaces to design. Here are some quick tips:

Reduce Clutter
  • A small space will feel larger the less clutter there appears to be. The less is more approach also works well when it comes to limiting the number of different styles and finishes on things like planters to just a few so the main focus is on the plants.
Maximize Space
  • Let no corner go wasted in a small space. Opt for fewer, larger pieces of furniture, rather than lots of smaller ones. Which one will you use more – a couple of chaise lounges or an outdoor seating set? In my experience, both take up about the same amount of room, and you will use the seating set so much more. When in doubt, go for what’s the most comfortable!
Know Mountains from Molehills
  • A garden on a terrace or rooftop is sort of similar to gardening on top of a mountain. Plants that are less top-heavy and also plants with smaller leaves typically hold up better in the wind than plants with larger leaves or a big canopy that can get shredded up very easily or get knocked over by the wind.

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