Container Garden Design in NYC

New York City isn’t big on space, and for many city dwellers, this means sacrificing garden space and patches of soil for the thrill of living in the Big Apple. However, our expert garden design team offers a solution that’ll allow you to have your zucchini and eat it, thanks to the flexibility and variety of other benefits offered by planters.

  • Space flexibility: The adaptability of custom containers ensures you can use them in various spots, ranging from your rooftop garden to a tiny balcony. Containers can also be moved around, which increases the possibilities within your space. 
  • Variety of planters: When you opt for container gardens, you’re only limited by whether the container is suitable for housing plants. We use a variety of materials to suit the aesthetics of the gardens we’re working with. 
  • Plant varieties: We work with our clients to determine their needs and how to best meet them with garden design. Plant options include low-maintenance and low-water usage, floral installations, aesthetic arrangements, or vegetable gardens. 
  • Seasonal options: There’s no shortage of options when it comes to container garden plants, even in the dreary winter months. We can adapt your container designs to accommodate the seasonal varietals to make the most of your garden throughout the year.
  • Controlled environment: It’s far easier to take care of plants when you can control the environment they grow in. You can have different containers with different soil mixes, so you can accommodate all your plant parent desires.

While we know the benefits of having some greenery around, some situations make it a bit tough to till the soil and get planting. 

  • No space: Containers vary in size, whether you only have space on the kitchen windowsill for some herbs or a deck that needs some foliage to complete that outdoor look. 
  • Bad soil: Some soil will just not cut it when it comes to landscaping, and beautiful container planting is a suitable replacement. 
  • Renters: Renters are expected to leave a property the way it was found, and container planting is a great way to make the space yours without breaking any of the rules. When you leave, simply take your containers with you. 
  • Accessibility: Planters can be customized to accommodate any mobility issues our clients may have. We can adjust the heights and placements to ensure our clients have access to their plants.

Ideal Plants for Container Gardens

You’re not limited to flowers and shrubs in container gardens. You can transform your outdoor space into a horticultural haven with fruits, trees, herbs, and vegetables.

Count On Amber Freda for Your Container Garden

Amber has 25 years of experience in the industry and has taught more than a dozen classes in container garden design and installation at both the New York and Brooklyn botanical gardens.


At Amber Freda, we don’t do dull, flat landscapes. Instead, we transform what you have into a beautiful and invigorating outdoor environment, one plant at a time. We know exactly what works for New York homes of all kinds and can equip you with a seasonal garden you’ll want to spend time in.

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