Custom Garden Planter Installation in NYC

Plants bring a sense of peace and calm to any environment, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor space. If you’re unsure about the position of your plants, pots and planters can help a great deal. Pots are generally small and easy to move, while planters are larger and can hold several plants at once. The addition of a planter in your garden or home can instantly improve the aesthetics. 

Planters come in all shapes and sizes, but those on the market might not suit your space entirely. Instead, you may want to opt for a custom design to match your space. The benefits of a custom planter include: 

  • Space: Your space might not suit conventional planters. For instance, you might have a spacious area that requires larger plants or a small, narrow space that might be too small for planters found in stores. 
  • Aesthetics: Custom planters allow you to match the design of the planter to the aesthetics of the space you’re in. For instance, you can match the color, material or pattern of other focal points. 
  • Use: You may want to use your planter for edible plants, so it’s important to have the planter matched to your needs. Edible plants need elevated planters to ward off slugs and snails. 
  • Accessibility: Accessibility ensures that you’re able to reach your planter even if you may have mobility issues. It also improves access to areas that may prove difficult to reach, such as mezzanines or terraces.
  • Control: You get to choose the planter sizes and materials, which means you also control the budget.

Working with a professional like Amber Freda to build your planter holds several advantages, including: 

  • Experience: Amber already has the skills and experience to navigate the different planter options and what would work for certain spaces. 
  • Workmanship: Better quality workmanship often leads to better quality materials, as industry professionals have a reputation to uphold. Good workmanship ensures an aesthetically pleasing and sturdy design.
  • Time saver: Not everyone has the time to sit through online tutorials to figure out a planter box build. By outsourcing this task, you can focus on other things instead.
  • Custom design: You already know the benefits of a custom design. Amber can provide you with material choices, such as natural wood planters, and a variety of shapes, such as square or even curved planters.

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Amber Freda has dazzled New York City clients with an eye for detail and meticulous layout planning. As an industry professional, Amber and her team can design and build a custom planter to suit your garden. If you’re in New York City and faced with drab garden options or even a small indoor space that needs some natural glam, contact our team today to get started on your new project.

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