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If you’ve ever been to a garden center, you know how many different types of soil exist. From standard topsoil for your grass to container soil for pots, it can be confusing to distinguish what makes these soils different. 

Put simply, topsoil is a rich garden soil meant for in-ground beds and lawns, whereas potting soil is lightweight, sterile soil meant for containers. Potting soil is made with specific ingredients that allow for draining and aeration to help ensure plants can grow and thrive in pots. Topsoil doesn’t require specific ingredients and is generally considered to be a more all-purpose soil when it comes to gardening.

With so many different types of potting soil out there, it can be difficult to know whether or not you’ve purchased a reputable and high-quality container soil. Some telltale signs of a good container soil mix include the following: 

    • The soil isn’t too heavy or too light. 
    • The soil doesn’t move away from the side of the pot after watering. 
    • The soil is light and fluffy while being able to lock in moisture.

Depending on what you’re looking to grow, various types of potting soils are available for purchase. These generally include pine bark, peat moss, coir, and vermiculite. Some people even choose to use an all-purpose soil when growing hardy plants in pots. Depending on what you’re looking to grow and your overall climate and time of planting, you could require any of the above when gardening.

It helps to understand the ins and outs behind various soils and their uses to achieve your dream garden. Helping your plants grow, flourish, and thrive, the right type of soil could make or break your beautiful garden. 

That’s why we recommend working with a professional garden consultant to ensure the right type of soil is used to help elevate your garden. While soils may seem similar in nature, they can actually be drastically different. Created for different purposes and methods, using the wrong soil can result in dead plants and wasted gardening efforts. 

Our professional gardening consultants can help take care of the hard work for you by recommending the best soil to help take your garden to the next level.

Find the Perfect Gardening Soil with Amber Freda

If you’re looking for bespoke garden and soil services to help your garden stand heads and shoulders above the rest, look no further than Amber Freda. With years of experience working with VIP clients such as George Soros, Bobbi Brown, Anna Quindlen, and more, we take pride in our gardening knowledge and always use the correct soil to help your garden grow and thrive.

Don’t simply hope for the best when it comes to your garden and potted plants in New York City. Instead, choose to work with the best for results you can trust. Get in touch today to find out more.

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