NYC Residential Shade Structures: Awnings, Umbrellas, & More

Shade makes outdoor spaces more welcoming, especially on hot summer days. Whether you need a small-scale awning or shade for a large rooftop lounge, Amber Freda can put together quality shade solutions for any residential setting in New York City. 

Awnings are typically attached to existing structures, whether it be your house or an outbuilding. Available in a variety of materials and designs, these shade structures are easy to customize, so they match your outdoor space. Awnings are especially useful in smaller spaces where free-standing shade structures don’t fit, but they’re also a quality shade solution for large patios or pool decks.

Experienced designers make awnings from a wide range of quality materials. Some options feature high-quality fabric stretched across a metal frame; others are made from solid materials, such as wood or metal. The team at Amber Freda can help you pick the best option for your outdoor space.

Awnings can have additional electronic features, including extendable and retractable sections to change the awning size depending on your needs and weather conditions.

Patio umbrellas offer comfortable shaded spaces without completely blocking sunlight. As a popular choice around pools or near picnic tables, these umbrellas are easily opened and closed, so you can adapt your outdoor space depending on the weather.

Patio umbrellas are also popular around outdoor seating. Small balconies and courtyards often need extra shade, and patio umbrellas are an easy way to make the space more comfortable without taking up too much room.

In larger spaces, patio umbrellas can feature canopies covering wide stretches of ground. These bigger options work well for rooftops with lots of sun exposure or indoor-outdoor spaces that need extra sun protection.

Shade sails are large sheets of durable, weather-resistant fabric that stretch above outdoor spaces. Contractors can install posts to hold the fabric or use existing structures, such as buildings and trees. This design lets shade sails cover large areas without taking up a lot of room on the ground, making them a good space-saving option.

Shade sails are also a good choice for UV protection. Some fabrics feature anti-UV materials, helping you enjoy the outdoors without risking sunburn. These high-quality, anti-UV materials make shade sails a long-lasting solution since they’re less likely to get worn out by constant sun exposure. 

During colder weather, sails can be removed and stored to avoid snow buildup, or you can choose designs with easy access for snow removal.

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