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Amber Freda is a specialist in pergola design in New York City. A pergola can provide a shaded sitting area or covered walkway for gardens, yards, patios, decks, terraces, and other outdoor spaces. If you allow vines and other plants to grow on and around the pergola, it will blend naturally into other features of your urban oasis and become a highlight in and of itself.

Pergola Design & Installation in New York City

Whether you want a pergola to create a shaded sitting area, cover a walkway, or as a garden or landscape feature, Amber will design it to match your vision. She will personally oversee every part of the process, from design and installation to surrounding gardening and landscaping. Call or email Amber Freda now for custom pergola design in NYC.

A pergola is a traditional wooden garden feature like a gazebo that provides shelter from the sun and other elements while still being open to the outdoors. If you want to cover a walkway to add shade and shelter in your garden or add a beautiful area to sit and enjoy your yard, a pergola might be just what you need. Pergolas aren’t limited to gardens and yards, either. They make a great addition to any type of deck, terrace, or patio.

For example, a pergola can be added to a shared terrace or rooftop garden of an apartment building to create a shaded sitting area.  You’ll be able to feel the breeze on a hot summer day but stay sheltered from the hot New York sun. Pergolas can also be used to cover outdoor kitchens and dining areas, grow vines on, hang lighting from, and serve many other decorative and functional purposes.

As with all of Amber’s services, her pergola design starts with an onsite consultation. She will sit down with you to listen to your ideas for the pergola, get a sense of your style, and discuss your options. She will also evaluate the space you have available and make recommendations about the pergola’s design and location. Whatever your vision and goals for your pergola are, Amber will work closely with you to design one that exceeds your expectations.

Not only will Amber design a pergola to achieve exactly what you want, but our team can also build and install the custom pergola to your exact specifications. Whether it’s part of a larger project or a new addition, we have the expertise required to construct and install a pergola in any outdoor space. Our landscapers and gardeners can even take care of planting and landscaping if you want to add vines or other plants around the pergola.

Some of the Pergola Design Services Offered by Amber:

  • Onsite pergola design consultations (Brooklyn, Manhattan and Long Island City & Astoria, Queens)
  • Pergolas for gardens, patios, decks, terraces, and yards
  • Pergolas for shared community spaces
  • Pergolas to cover outdoor kitchens and dining areas
  • Pergolas to cover walkways
  • Pergolas to grow vines on
  • Wooden pergolas 
  • Contemporary pergolas
  • Metal / Tin roof pergolas

Some of Our Pergola Designs and Installs in New york

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