Amber Freda’s New York City Landscape Design Expertise

Amber Freda has taught dozens of classes in New York City landscape/garden design at both the New York and Brooklyn botanical gardens. Her client list includes many of the world’s most notables, including George Soros, Anna Quindlen, Brett Icahn, Joseph Edelman, David Faucon, Reshma Shetty, Mark Bertolini, and Bobbi Brown.

Amber has been interviewed as a guest expert on the CBS New York Morning Show. She has also been featured in The New York Times, the Associated Press, Better Homes & Gardens, HGTV, Daily Candy, New York House, New York Resident, Garden Design, Design Bureau, and New York Magazine.

Amber started her own business in 2004 with a desire to provide high-end, detail-oriented New York City luxury landscaping services. She wanted to offer people gardens with a design aesthetic that felt like a seamless and natural extension of their homes, capturing their particular personality and style, as well as giving them the feeling of being in a private oasis.

Amber personally oversees the design of every project from start to finish. Your project will never be handed over to a sales rep or an installation crew, like most big landscaping companies, where the owner is only there for the consultation. Amber will be there working on your project every step of the way, from the initial design to the day of installation, making sure that every detail meets her high standards.

Landscaper NYC Design & Installation Services


We install all of the plants and planters ourselves, and our general contractor builds out all of the custom features according to our specifications in a way that feels very seamless, well designed, and hassle-free.


We offer comprehensive New York City landscape design plan drawings that are completely ready to be submitted for board approval and are the best way to show you how all of the elements will look together.  We can design everything from planting schemes to furniture layouts to custom features such as decks, patios, turf, pergolas, fences, and outdoor kitchens. Learn more about our NYC garden design and landscape design.

Drip Irrigation

We install drip irrigation systems that deliver precise amounts of water to the plants in a way that helps maximize their health and longevity for years to come.  Our irrigation systems are an inexpensive and easy way to protect your investment in your garden.

Monthly Service

We offer on-going maintenance of your garden that will keep your plants healthy and thriving. Maintenance typically includes pruning, organic fertilizer and pest control, leaf clean-up, training plants, deadheading, weeding, and maintenance to the irrigation and lighting systems.

Landscape Lighting

We can recommend a variety of landscape lighting solutions, including low-voltage up-lighting in the plants, overhead globe lighting in pergolas and over patios, high-voltage wall sconces, floodlights, task lighting for outdoor kitchens, step lights, fence lighting, and more.

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