Midtown East Community Deck


This co-op roof deck for a large apartment building in Midtown East, Manhattan is made for different groups of people to all enjoy at the same time. We gave the space the feeling of different outdoor rooms – one area for dining, one for chaise lounging, seating areas, and bench seating sprinkled throughout. It features composite wood decking and fencing, as well as white concrete pavers on pedestals. The composite wood conforms to NYC fire code, which doesn’t allow more than 20% of a roof deck to be made of combustible materials. White fiberglass planters are contemporary looking and provide a nice bit of contrast to the brown deck and fence materials. A white fiberglass pergola is lightweight and easy to maintain. We recommended sling-fabric furnishings, which don’t require cushions and are a very low-maintenance choice for a communal space. The plantings include hardy hornbeam trees, coralbark maples, crape myrtles, maiden grasses, Knockout roses, boxwoods, hydrangeas, bamboo, and arborvitaes.