NYC Custom Roof Deck Bench Planters

NYC Custom Roof Deck Bench Planters

This Upper West Side rooftop terrace design features ipe (pronounced e-pay) wood planter boxes and a built-in bench on top of a bluestone patio. The bench features built-in lighting. Plantings include boxwoods, a red Japanese weeping maple, maiden grasses, and a hydrangea.

Pro Tips:

Ipe is a hardwood with a 40+-year-life expectancy. It resists scratching and survives much longer outdoors than other wood types. It can be oiled, as shown in the picture, which brings out the natural rich color of the wood. Ipe cannot be painted or stained. If left untreated, ipe, like all outdoor woods, will eventually weather to grey.

Bluestone is a beautiful natural stone that works well as a patio surface. It is considered a more high-end and attractive look compared to concrete patio stone alternatives.

When it comes to boosting a properties resale value, choose high-end products like ipe and bluestone. Potential buyers will appreciate the long-term beauty and durability of these products.


An excellent benefit of roof gardens is the positive environmental effects they have. All plant life helps the city by absorbing noise, trapping dust, recycling carbon dioxide, and absorbing and breaking down many pollutants. Plants help to reduce the negative climatic effects of urbanization by absorbing some of the heat generated and absorbing the rainfall that runs off hard surfaces. Plants can also help to reduce energy costs by insulating buildings against extremes of heat and cold.