5 Benefits of a Custom Outdoor Patio for Your NYC Home

Winter is here for a few more weeks, but sunny and lovely spring and summer days are right around the corner in New York City. If you’re ready to enjoy the great outdoors more this year, a custom outdoor patio is a wonderful place to start. From beautiful plantings to a unique patio design, how can a custom outdoor patio benefit your home?

Benefits of a Custom Outdoor Patio for Your New York City Home

  1. Increased Home Value: Even if you aren’t preparing to list your home on the market soon, a custom patio is an excellent way to boost the value of your property. When you have a beautiful outdoor space to show off, prospective buyers will be much more interested in your home and be willing to pay a premium for it.
  2. Extend Your Living Space: When you entertain over the summer and have your college students or kids home all day, things can get cramped. A patio gives you a way to make your home feel bigger and extend your living space during the warmer months without adding an addition to your home. If you love having dinner parties and guests over on balmy summer nights, your custom outdoor patio can also keep guests from crowding the kitchen and keep the mess outside.
  3. Low Maintenance: In terms of hardscaping options, patios are some of the lower-maintenance decisions that you can make. It isn’t hard to keep a patio clean, and today’s patios are designed to withstand rain, heat and UV rays. Amber Freda can work with your maintenance preferences and budget to ensure that you find the perfect patio material and design for you.
  4. Add to Your Existing Outdoor Space: A patio is also a great way to complete an outdoor space with other features, like a garden or grilling area. When you have somewhere to sit and enjoy the ambiance of your outdoor living space and the wonder that New York City has to offer, you will get much more use out of your home and landscape.
  5. Versatile Options: If you choose to invest in a covered patio, you can also enjoy spending time outside without being in the rain or sun. Patios are a flexible way for homeowners like you to get more from your outdoor living space, whether it’s rain or shine.