5 Gorgeous Ideas for Sustainable Landscape Design

Whether you choose a complex or a simple landscape design idea, you’ll want to participate in environmental landscaping. 

Environmental landscaping uses the principles of landscape design to provide you with great looking property using sustainable landscape solutions. Here are 5 ideas to consider when developing a simple landscaping design.

Sustainable Landscape Solutions for Landscape Design Ideas

1. Landscape where you live.

Don’t leave your yard or property boring and bland. The principles of landscape design remain critical to the environment of both urban and suburban communities. 

Plants eliminate carbon dioxide from the air and give the atmosphere around us fresh oxygen. Trees, as well as other plants, can shelter us and cool down the air around us. Plants, shrubs, and trees prevent erosion, which remains an issue anywhere water exists. We can keep our part of the earth healthier and more beautiful by sustainable landscaping.

2. But how do I landscape an apartment?

Grow your landscaping in pots and other types of containers. You don’t have to have fancy plant pots to use sustainable landscaping practices when growing plants. If you look around, you might find buckets, bottles, and crates that can be used to house plants on your balcony or inside your home. 

Do you need a privacy screen? Bamboo and other tall plants make both beautiful and exotic-looking privacy screens that you can enjoy.

Do you want fresh produce or herbs? They grow very well in pots both indoors and outdoors, even in small spaces. And, don’t forget to hang plants and use trellises to give your landscaping even more appeal and increase your growth potential.

3. Conserving and reusing water in your landscape design.

Treat your source of water as a resource. Find a camouflage or decorative container to use to collect and store water safely. Also, make sure that any fertilizers and pesticides you choose to use don’t seep inside and contaminate the water supply.

4. Utilize the natural plants that grow in your area to utilize sustainable landscape design principles.

Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she placed those native plants. You can choose decorative, flowering, and food-producing plants that sustain the environment as well as making landscape design sustainable.

5. Utilize construction waste when landscaping.

Choose local landscaping rocks and other materials that you don’t need to transport from far away. Recycle whatever materials you can. Natural stones and different types of landscaping materials will hold up better than more exotic materials brought from farther away, and most likely cost less, too.

Amber Freda Landscaping remains dedicated to sustainable yards and landscape design ideas in the New York, NY, area. 

We pride ourselves on being able to design optimal sustainable landscape designs. From simple landscaping to more extensive landscaping design ideas, we provide customers with excellent options using sustainable solutions for your property.