The Benefits Of Having Your Own Rooftop Garden

Just because you live in a big city, like Manhattan, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a backyard garden. Rather, you can design and plant the most dreamy of rooftop gardens! Believe it or not, there are wonderful benefits to gardening and custom landscaping in New York City. Without constructing a full on healing garden, you can plant a garden with your preference of flowers and greenery that you will enjoy spending time in, and that will provide you with a sense of self satisfaction. Today we’ll be listing out three significant benefits of growing and tending to a rooftop garden in a bustling city. Read along to see how beneficial gardening and landscaping in New York City can be.

Place Of Solace After A Long Day Of Work

Living in New York City, especially Manhattan, is exciting, but it can also be exhausting. Navigating your way through constant crowds of people, dealing with the variety of not so pleasant smells and cramming yourself into a subway to and from work can definitely wear you out. When you get home after a long day, you are going to want to unwind, relax and destress. What better way to do that than in your very own rooftop garden? The number one benefit of having a personal garden is that you can find a place of solace after a long day of being around people. It’s hard to find your own space in large, congested cities. Luckily, a rooftop garden offers a quiet space just for you. Plant and install your favorite flowers and foliage, water fixtures, decorative rocks and even a custom bench. By designing your garden to meet your wants and needs, you will never want to leave your rooftop. Sit out in the sun with a good book, look at the luscious flowers and enjoy a time to relax.

Environment Benefits

There are environmental benefits to having your own rooftop garden. Aside from nurturing even more greenery and foliage, which is a wonderful way to enjoy nature, you can use your garden for composting purposes. Rather than throwing away kitchen scraps, put them into your rooftop garden soil. You can compost leftover fruits, vegetables, tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells and even vacuum dust if you have woollen carpeting. You can also use your garden’s soil to dispose of scraps from other parts of your garden, like grass trimmings, prunings and old leaves. Further, instead of throwing out dying flowers and plants, mix them into the surrounding soil. By composting, you are helping the soil withhold carbon dioxide, which in the long run, reduces emissions. When you compost leftover fruits, veggies and other dead plants into your garden’s soil, you are revitalizing the soil and giving it the boost of minerals that it needs to be healthy. This is an incredibly easy and effective way to reduce your carbon footprint, while also keeping your rooftop garden’s soil fresh, rich and healthy.

Increase property value

By planting and maintaining a rooftop garden, you are increasing the property value of your apartment. You’re adding to your neighborhood’s aesthetic with a beautiful and pleasing garden, and almost everyone would jump at the chance to live near a green space, especially in a city. By tending to your rooftop garden, you’re actually making your area, and your home specifically, an enticing and desirable location.

As you can tell, a rooftop garden in a city is never a bad idea. We hope you felt inspired to design one of your own. For landscaping in New York City, contact us at Amber Freda. We can’t wait to help you enjoy the rooftop garden of your dreams.