Blueberry and Omega 3 Will Boost Your Brain


What do Blueberries and Omega 3 Fats have in Common? A lot more than you think!

  • A recent study noted that your brain measurably benefits from the anthocyanins in blueberries and the omega-3 fats in certain fish
  • Pterostilbene, a compound in blueberries, contains potent antioxidants that may increase bioavailability compared to other stilbene compounds, and may both improve and prevent neurological disease, inflammation, vascular disease and diabetes
  • Resveratrol is a plant extract that mimics many of the same beneficial effects as pterostilbene, such as restricting calories; both regulate genes implicated in such diseases as diabetes, atherosclerosis and age-related disorders
  • One study found that omega-3 supplementation can bring about an increase in bacteria that produces several short-chain fatty acids
  • Healthy levels of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are fairly rare worldwide except in areas where fish is eaten often; in the U.S., around 95 percent of the population is omega-3 deficient


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“Study Shows Blueberries and Omega-3s Are Great for Your Brain” by Dr. Mercola