Caraway for cooking and for health

Caraway Health

Caraway is a huge contender among other culinary herbs, but it also has many healing properties that can support optimal health. Many benefits include:

Promoting digestive health: A 100-gram serving of caraway seeds already provides 38 grams of fiber, a dietary component that can help maintain proper digestive health by promoting regularity, which may help reduce your risk of stomach and intestinal diseases.

Fighting microbes: Caraway essential oil has antiseptic properties that may help fight microbes inside and outside your body.

Boosting bone health: Caraway seeds contain a healthy dose of zinc, a mineral that may help increase bone density.

Managing inflammation: Taking caraway oil with raw honey or warm water may help loosen up mucus in the respiratory system as well as control the inflammation in the airways.

Improving sleep quality: Magnesium, a mineral found in caraway seeds, can enhance the duration, quality and tranquility of sleep, leaving you feeling better for the next day.


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“Caraway: A Plant With Diverse Culinary Applications, Plus a Few Potential Health Benefits” by Dr. Mercola