Chamomile: Now and Forever

Chamomile Healing

Chamomile is an ancient plant that has its origins in Egypt. It was initially used to treat fevers, for cosmetic purposes and embalming oil. Today, it is commonly used in tea and contains many vitamins and minerals that have healing properties.


Benefits include:

  • Improving Cardiovascular Function
  • Improving Digestive Function for Babies With Colic
  • Inducing Sleepiness
  • Helping Lower Risk of Cancer
  • Helping Manage Blood Sugar Levels
  • Helping Boost Your Immune System

Based on the published research, almost anyone can benefit and enjoy chamomile tea, even infants. Aside from this, growing your own chamomile flowers can significantly improve the appearance of your garden. If you’re thinking about incorporating chamomile into your diet, be sure to consult with your doctor first to rule out allergies and potential complications that may disrupt your health.

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“Chamomile Tea: Why This Ancient Therapeutic Drink Still Stands Out Today” by Dr. Mercola