The Dangers of Plastic


“Plastic products are made of a number of different chemicals, some of which are known to act as endocrine disruptors. These chemicals are similar in structure to natural sex hormones and interfere with the normal functioning of those hormones. They may be found in fast foods, processed and boxed foods and even those marketed as organic.”

One class of chemicals, phthalates, are widely used to make plastic more flexible, such as your shower curtain, food packaging and vinyl gloves. They can also be found in household cleaners, cosmetics and personal care products. Although intended to make plastic more durable, they’re not strongly bound to the product. This means that with heat and use, the chemicals leach out.

  • Data indicate microplastics may be found in nearly every animal consuming the particles, including animal foods consumed on a regular basis
  • Research demonstrates phthalates and BPA have significant negative health effects on animals and humans, including development of dysfunctional sperm, increased inflammation and symptoms linked to body systems controlled by estrogen and thyroid hormones
  • Despite overwhelming evidence, the FDA is unwilling to regulate the plastic industry, potentially as a consequence of millions spent on lobbying by the industry or the result of disinformation published in scientific journals

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