The Different Uses of Tarragon

Tarragon Health


“Terragon is an herb that is popular in the world of cooking. In fact, tarragon is such a vital part of French cuisine that it is one of the “Fines Herbes.” These are the four most commonly used herbs in French cuisine, which also includes parsley, chervil and chives.1 Tarragon is known for its slightly bittersweet flavor, with an aroma similar to anise.”

Health Benefits of Tarragon:

Pain Relief

Chewing the leaves can help relieve pain, especially in the mouth or tooth. You can consume tarragon tea to get the same benefit.

Induce Sleep

Drinking tarragon tea can help those with insomnia. The calming effect of the herb’s compounds can help you rest well at night.

Increase Appetite

If you’re having trouble getting your appetite up, try consuming tarragon. It’s been reported to have stimulating properties for your stomach.

Promote Reproductive Health in Females

Tarragon can help maintain a healthy female reproductive tract, and may also help women deal with suppressed menstruation.

Improve Intestinal Function

Tarragon is a vermifuge, meaning it can help expel parasitic worms from the intestines. As a result, this lowers your risk of developing intestinal ailments and malabsorption.

Cardiovascular Health

Your heart and arteries can benefit from tarragon greatly, because it acts as an inhibitor of platelet aggregation. As a result, the risk of developing a heart attack or a stroke is potentially lower.


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“Tarragon Adds a French Twist to Your Meals” by Dr. Mercola