How to Grow Lemongrass

Lemongrass is easy to start and root as demonstrated in the featured video. Although you can purchase the plants at your local gardening shop, it’s also easy to start your own from lemongrass purchased at the grocery store.

The plant does best when started in early spring.3 As demonstrated in the video, locate the lower half of the plant and trim approximately 6 inches above this point. The top half can be used dried in tea or in your compost pile while the bottom half is placed in approximately 3 inches of water.

Once you’ve trimmed the number of stalks you wish to start, add just a dash of cinnamon as a root starter and place the cup in a sunny window. Change the water every couple of days to prevent the growth of fungus4 and wait patiently for the roots and leaves to start growing. It may take between three and four weeks before the plant will be ready to be anchored in the ground or planted in a pot. Once the leaves begin to pop out of the stem, you may want to add some liquid fertilizer to give the plant nutrients.


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“Great Tips to Grow Lemongrass” by Dr. Mercola