Jasmine Tea, the best of Green Tea


Jasmine tea is a modified form of green tea that is scented with jasmine flowers, meaning you will still get the same benefits of regular green tea, only with a different flavor. Green tea happens to be one of the healthiest beverages you can drink, with studies suggesting that it may help:

Improve brain function: The caffeine found in green tea may help boost reaction time, memory, mood, as well as lower anxiety.5 Promote healthy weight: Drinking green tea may help you lose weight, as it has been shown to boost metabolism6,7 as well as fat-burning.8
Reduce risk of cancer: Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that may help reduce your chances of developing cancer. In one study, researchers noted that women who drank the most green tea had a 20 to 30 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer.9


In another study, men who drank green tea had a 48 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer, the most common type of cancer among this gender group.10

Promote brain health: Aside from helping improve brain performance, green tea may help keep your brain healthy as you age. Multiple studies indicate that catechins in green tea have neuroprotective properties that may help reduce the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.11,12,13
Eliminate microbes: Several studies indicate that catechins have innate antimicrobial effects that may help kill various bacteria and viruses responsible for various diseases.14,15,16,17,


Drinking green tea may also help promote oral health by reducing inflammation and limiting the growth of bacteria associated with periodontal diseases.18

Manage diabetes: Data compiled from a meta-analysis of 17 studies suggest that green tea consumption may significantly help reduce fasting glucose and hemoglobin concentrations.19


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“Jasmine Tea: Take Your Green Tea to the Next Level” by Dr. Mercola