Lemongrass – A Powerhouse Plant


“Lemongrass has a history of medicinal use among several cultures worldwide for a variety of conditions, including digestive disorders, fevers, menstrual disorders, joint pain, inflammation and nervous conditions. It is also a natural mosquito repellant which can be simply rubbed on the skin.”


Other benefits include:

Prevent infection — Terpenes, ketones, aldehyde and esters are compounds in lemongrass that fight numerous infections4 Alleviate anxiety — Beyond the relaxing aspects of drinking hot tea, lemongrass aromatherapy may reduce tension, and quickly5
Boost red blood cell count — One study showed that lemongrass tea significantly increased red blood cells in all 105 participants6 Enhance oral health — A study found that among 12 herbs, lemongrass extracts were one of the most effective against cariogenic streptococci7
Reduce bloating — A high dose or prolonged treatment with a low dose of lemongrass tea suggested renal function improvement8 Relieve pain — Noted as having a significant “antinociceptive” effect9
Fight free radicals — Unstable atoms that can cause premature aging and damage cells, cause premature aging and, ultimately, a host of diseases Decrease inflammation — Citral is one compound in lemongrass oil that lowered skin cell inflammation in one study.10


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“The Inflammation-Fighting Compounds of Lemongrass Tea” by Dr. Mercola