What to Look for in a Landscape Designer

Not all landscape design companies are the same. Some only specialize in one or two areas. While others say they offer a wide range of services, the reality is they depend on third parties and subcontractors to get the job done. How do you know which landscape designer best fits your needs? Here are 10 things to look for, as referenced from this Fox News article.

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  1. Services that align with your project – Chances are you won’t be hiring a garden design team that deals primarily with hardscaping when you want an array of plants. The right designer will be experienced with the scope of work you want. In turn, they should be comfortable designing and managing it. Quick note here: Some landscape planners specialize only in the design process. Amber Freda Landscape Design, on the other hand, designs and builds. You have to ask yourself whether it’s worth extra time (and often times, money) coordinating with multiple landscape design services.
  2. Examples of previous work – In today’s world, a designer’s portfolio is critical. If you’re hoping for a rooftop garden, the person you hire should have experience with that. Don’t forget to also look at credentials during this step. The last thing you want is to wind up teaming with someone who has no idea what they’re doing. Look for degrees from accredited colleges, as well as memberships in professional organizations.
  3. Willingness to offer consultations – This is where the designer will come over to your property and evaluate the space. The consultation is your opportunity to bounce ideas off them and determine whether the designer will be a fit. With Amber Freda Landscape Design, an-onsite consultation is always the first phase of the process. We use this time to evaluate a client’s style and vision, as well as the site conditions so we can make recommendations accordingly.
  4. Explanation of what’s next – So you like what the designer has to say. They’re able to accommodate your requests and even came up with some creative ideas you would never think of. A seasoned landscape designer should have a step-by-step process in place. Of course, he or she needs to execute the project using the budget that’s been established. You can feel comfortable knowing that our landscape plan expert offers comprehensive drawings that will show you how all of the elements come together in the end. We make it a point to keep clients in the loop during each phase.
  5. Hassle-free installation – This is where frustration often comes into play. Clients want to know how long installation will take and if anything can be done to speed things up. Unfortunately, most landscape design services have to find available contractors, order/deliver materials, and then meet with those contractors to ensure their tasks are done the right way. On top of that, unexpected challenges can get in the way. From inclement weather to issues with the supplies, the designer must also plan for unexpected setbacks. Your project is what gets compromised in the end. Amber does things differently, though. She truly cares about clients, which is why she personally oversees the design of every project from start to finish. Plus, you never have to worry about anything being handed over to a sales representative or installation crew. Whereas designers of big landscaping companies only attend the consultation, Amber is there watching so that every detail meets her high standards.
  6. Comprehensive maintenance – With as much as you invest in a rooftop garden or other green space, you deserve for it to look great for years. Amber and the rest of our garden landscaping experts will keep your plants thriving thanks to ongoing maintenance. Note that our monthly service options consist of anything from pruning and fertilizing to leaf cleanup and weeding.
  7. Positive client reviews – Would you hire a designer who doesn’t meet your expectations? Don’t take a chance with someone who is unprofessional. Take a few minutes to browse online for any negative testimonials. With Amber Freda Landscape Design, you don’t have to worry about a project not turning out the way you hoped. Voted Best of Houzz in 2017, we have plenty of positive reviews on our website. Says Pamela K., “I highly recommend Amber Freda. The first great thing about Amber is that she listens. The next fantastic thing about Amber is that she is that rare combination of artist and great business person. Amber creates the landscape of your dreams and, at the same time, is very professional.”

Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong landscape designer. If you’re ready to get the most out of your space in NYC, turn to the expertise of Amber. In no time, you will be enjoying the urban oasis of your dreams. Call now to schedule a consultation.