How To Plant Your Own Healing Garden

Have you noticed that you feel very peaceful and calm in a garden or when you’re around lots of green foliage and beautiful flowers? That’s because there are incredible benefits for the human mind and spirit when surrounded by nature. While all green, luscious gardens could be considered soothing and healing, the term “healing garden” refers to spaces with plants, flowers and greenery in hospitals. These healing gardens are known for promoting health in patients undergoing or healing from health related issues, as well as hospital staff and the patient’s family members. These healing, therapeutic garden landscapes promote an overall improved sense of mental, physical and emotional health, as well as assisting in relieving stress and negative health symptoms. Being in nature is healing in all sorts of ways, and there is no reason why you can’t plant your own healing rooftop garden. Increase your positivity, sense of awareness and overall mental and emotional health by planting a healing garden in your own backyard. Read along to learn how to design and plant a personalized healing garden and get ready to reap the rewards of this custom landscaping.


Put your mind at ease by creating a healing garden that stimulates all your senses, including color. Color can be very therapeutic. Not only that, but what is a garden without flowers in all sorts of bright, natural colors? If you are a fan of greenery, look for plants with lots of foliage. Flowers with cooler tones, like blues and purples can be very calming and peaceful. Brighter colored blooms, like orange, pinks, yellows and reds are said to promote activity, and generally speaking, make you feel really happy and alive. Whether you are wanting a tranquil environment to sit and relax in or a place where you can get creative, your options are limitless. You can choose your healing rooftop garden’s color palette however you’d like.


Our sense of smell is another incredibly powerful tool. Certain smells can trigger memories, promote peace and are just pleasant in general. Your oil diffuser is fine indoors, but bring the same sense of aromatherapy outdoors by incorporating natural aromas from flowers and plants in your healing garden. When you design a healing garden, incorporate plants and flowers with strong, pleasant aromas to enhance your overall garden experience. You can look for flowers with sweet smells, like lilacs, roses and gardenias. Add in some herbs, like peppermint, thyme and basil for added whiffs of aroma. Your sense of smell will be invigorated and this will only help to relax you.


There is nothing more soothing than the sound of flowing water. Whether it’s waves crashing on a shore in the ocean or early morning rain hitting the roof, there’s something about the way water moves that is pacifying and stress relieving. The sound of water has healing benefits that you will definitely want to include in your personalized garden. Even if you live in a busy city, adding in a simple water feature to your healing rooftop garden will add a tranquil element and ambiance to your environment. Not only is the sound of water relaxing, but it can improve concentration. If you don’t have room to put in a small pond, think about adding in a tabletop fountain that you can place on a rock or even patio furniture.

Healing gardens are easy to create, and their emotional and mental benefits are long lasting. Figure out which elements, like plants, flowers and water features, you want to include and design your garden to meet your needs and preferences. To find more information about designing rooftop gardens and landscape design in New York City, contact us at Amber Freda Landscape Design.