Relax with Catnip Tea

Catnip tea

Aside from being a strong scented herb that is fun entertainment for cats, catnip can also be brewed and cultivated to improve overall health.

What Benefits Can You Get From Catnip Tea?

If you get your hands on fresh catnip, it would be a good idea to brew your first cup of catnip tea. Not only will it rehydrate you, but it will help your body in a variety of ways. Here are some of the benefits that you may get by drinking catnip tea:

  • May help reduce anxiety and stress. While catnip has a stimulating effect on cats, the opposite is true for humans. Catnip tea contains nepetalactone, a compound similar to valepotriates, which is found in the popular sedative, valerian.4 These compounds may help reduce the effects of chronic stress and anxiety by promoting calmness and relaxation.5
  • Helps ease stomach or intestinal cramps. Catnip tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that may help ease discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract. This is especially useful for colicky babies. It may also be beneficial for alleviating menstrual cramps in women.6
  • Functions as a diuretic. Some catnip species also function as a diuretic, which is a material that may help get rid of extra fluid in the body.7,8 Due to this, catnip may be prescribed for water retention.9

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“Sip on Catnip Tea for Relaxation” by Dr. Mercola