Brooklyn Rooftop Garden Gets the Lush Treatment

Brooklyn Rooftop
Brooklyn Rooftop

Yes, it really is possible to grow birch trees in containers, even on a Brooklyn rooftop!  My clients are always amazed to hear how well these trees will do on their rooftops and terraces.

Nothing compares to the white bark of Himalayan birch trees, which look beautiful at any time of year.  Multi-stem trees tend to do better in containers than single-stem trees because they are less top-heavy and less likely to blow over in a strong wind.

Underplantings include alberta spruces, dwarf lilacs, pink petunias, African daisies, and purple salvia.  This Brooklyn rooftop terrace also features red azaleas in glossy brown Asian ceramic pots.  All of the planters contains automated drip irrigation and up-lighting that points up at the trees at night.