The Difference Between Landscape Design and Lawn Care and Maintenance

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While you might think that landscape design, lawn care and landscape maintenance are very similar, there are numerous differences between companies that specialize in all three and companies that specialize in only one or two. When searching for the right landscape professional, their expertise matters.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

Lawn care and maintenance are fairly straightforward and involve a number of tasks designed to keep your lawn and turf in excellent condition. Lawn care can include things like fertilizing the turf, aeration and overseeding, soil testing to determine if modifications are needed and cutting the lawn. All of these things are essential parts of maintaining your lawn and keeping it gorgeous and green. Lawn care specialists work with lawns, which means that they are not the most appropriate resources for gardening advice, landscape design or tree care.

Landscaping and Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance and landscaping specialists can perform a wide range of tasks that involve the outdoor space outside of your home. Some landscaping specialists create hardscaping elements like patios, others can plan and plant your garden and others perform more detailed work like pruning and cutting trees. Because landscaping and the outdoor aesthetic of your property are so critical to the value of your space and the first impression your property makes, it pays to invest in an experienced landscaping and landscape maintenance company instead of relying only on a company that does lawn care.

Landscape Design & Maintenance

Finally, landscape design and maintenance companies like Amber Freda can do it all. We have a comprehensive range of knowledge and understanding of all aspects of maintaining and designing a landscape. We are a holistic service, which means that we can incorporate anything from landscape lighting, to furniture to custom elements like outdoor kitchens into your property. Landscape designers have a wealth of experience and training in how to properly create a landscape that takes into account drainage, native plants, aesthetically pleasing design and maintenance. They can use elements like patios and pathways to accent the plantings, vegetables, fruits, flowers and other shrubs and create a gorgeous, cohesive finished product. While maintenance is making things that are there the most attractive and healthy that they can be, landscape design is seeing the potential in an outdoor space and modifying it to meet the needs of your family, the surrounding area and beautifully reflect your aesthetic tastes. Landscape design companies are like interior designers in the sense that we unite numerous different elements into a seamless, integrated and cohesive design package.