What You’ll Need for a Rooftop Garden

Few people put New York and gardens in the same sentence. While we certainly live in a beautiful place, it can be difficult to connect with nature. That’s why rooftop gardens are becoming more popular. Imagine just going up the stairs from your residence and unwinding after a long day at work. With the right supplies and design, a rooftop garden can provide the urban oasis you’ve wanted for years. Here’s how to get started with rooftop garden landscaping:

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  1. Containers – There is plenty of flexibility when it comes to containers. It’s up to you whether you want to splurge or be more frugal. Aside from aesthetics, be sure to account for the ideal size, weight, and material of your containers. Keep in mind that you will need containers large enough for the roots of whatever plants you choose. Then you have to consider what will happen to the pot when the weather heats up and when you go to water the plant.
  2. Soil – Although it’s often the most underappreciated part of the garden, the soil is undoubtedly the most important. Choosing the right soil to begin with usually means less maintenance for you down the road. Just be aware that the soils in containers should be replaced about once a year (during spring). Feel free to lift and repot or top dress the existing soil.
  3. Fertilizer – Even the best potting mixes can’t replace the benefits provided by a good fertilizer. You might be thinking about the countless fertilizers you recently saw at the home and garden store. How do you know which is best for your rooftop garden? If you can, go with a water-soluble fertilizer, as it’s the fastest way to get essential nutrients to your plants. Don’t hesitate to ask a local garden design team for their opinion.
  4. Plants – Now we’re getting to the fun part. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an expert gardener to plant something in a container. Aside from tall trees, the options are almost limitless. Herbs, vegetables, and smaller to mid-sized perennials make great plants for rooftop gardens.
  5. Tools – This is where you can save quite a bit of money compared to those buying tools for a traditional ground level garden. Depending on how many plants you have, prepare to do a decent amount of scooping and filling. In addition to a trowel and soil scoop, you may want to also invest in a small tarp. A good pair of pruners doesn’t hurt, either.

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