Bed-Stuy Is Beautiful!

This contemporary rooftop garden in Midtown Manhattan features continuous custom-built wood planters made from ipe (pronounced e-pay), a hardwood with a 30-year life expectancy. It also includes a grey wrap-around sofa, extra large umbrella, and an outdoor rug. The plantings include cherry trees, boxwoods, Hollywood junipers, Thunderhead pines, and creeping Jenny. It’s nice to have

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How to Garden with Limited Space

How to Garden with Limited Space Living the urban life has a ton of perks, but gardening can be a real challenge: skyscrapers can cause inconsistent sunlight, pollutants can more easily infect your soil, and water availability is always an issue. However, planning and designing an urban garden can lead to remarkable results. A well-planned

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How to Prepare Garden Soil for Planting

Success in gardening starts with proper soil preparation. Fruits and vegetables need nutrient-rich soil to grow fast and healthy. A well-prepared soil will not only promote plant growth but also minimize the needs for fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides. Here is how you can prepare garden soil for planting to optimize yield. Perform Soil Test Soil test gives

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Wildflowers: A Natural Pesticide

It is a widely known fact that the use of pesticides is severely harming our planet. Wildflowers, however, are home to many beneficial insects including lacewings, ladybugs, hover flies and parasitic wasps. These insects act as natural predators to common crop pests like cereal leaf beetles and aphids. “The answer is a steady move toward regenerative agricultural

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Making the Most Out of Your Small Outdoor Space

Anyone who has lived in the city knows it has its many advantages. City life offers luxurious living, modern amenities, delicious food, and a close proximity to entertainment and nightlife. However, most people will tell you the one thing city life is missing is personal outdoor space. Everyone doesn’t have a patio, balcony, backyard or

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UES Terrace Gets a Contemporary Makeover

What a difference a day makes!  In one day, we totally transformed this terrace from barren to beautiful.  Playing on a contemporary Zen theme, we planted bamboo, a weeping cherry, a crape myrtle, hydrangeas, petunias, feather grasses, and creeping Jenny.  We recommended a contemporary looking seating arrangement with red chairs for a pop of bright color. 

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