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Most people like to spend time outdoors because it’s relaxing and rejuvenating. While anyone can visit public gardens and parks to soak in the sights of nature, it’s even better to have your own outdoor space you can retreat to anytime.

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Good landscaping and garden design don’t just enhance the look of your property; they may even increase your home’s value. So, if you’re thinking of selling your home at any point, you can count on our experts at Amber Freda for professional garden design and landscaping services that deliver value:

Garden Design Lower Manhattan NY

Our team of expert garden designers can bring quality ideas to the table and provide you with different conceptual designs. A good designer can also help narrow your options depending on your needs and budget. Most importantly, Amber Freda will work with you and update you through every phase until the project is completed.

Designing an outdoor space takes a lot of energy and effort. You need to plan everything from choosing a design to picking the right materials and hiring the right people to complete the project. If you’re busy with work and family, hiring experienced professionals will save you time and, ultimately, peace of mind.

Landscape Design Lower Manhattan NY

Are you new to landscaping and garden design? You may end up making a lot of mistakes if you’re looking at landscaping as a DIY hobby and you’re inexperienced. Our landscaping team has been helping homeowners in midtown Manhattan for several years, and we’ve completed several landscaping and design projects that have exceeded customer expectations. We can help you pick the right materials and colors, ensuring they fit the design of your space and home. Working with an experienced team can help you avoid costly mistakes, so you can count on our team to deliver value to your project.

Amber Freda offers various garden design and landscaping services to clients in Midtown Manhattan and surrounding areas, including backyard and patio design, terrace design and landscaping, along with roof garden and pergola design. Our team can also help you pick the perfect landscape lighting that highlights and enhances the look of your garden. 

Our design process begins with an onsite consultation to help us determine which colors, theme, and layout are best for your outdoor space. It can be difficult to enjoy nature while living in a big city, but thanks to our skilled and experienced landscaping team, you’ll be able to soak in the sights and sounds of nature in your own space. After project completion, our team will also share maintenance tips, ensuring you get to enjoy your outdoor living space for years to come.

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Amber Freda began offering luxury landscaping services in 2004 to help homeowners create a beautiful outdoor space to help them relax. We work with homeowners throughout the entire process, from conceptualizing the space to installing the materials and ensuring everything meets the highest standards. If you need design services today, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an onsite consultation. We serve homeowners and businesses in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and throughout New York City.


NYC Landscape & Garden Design

Here are the list of Amber Freda’s garden and landscape design services.

Garden and Landscape Design

Backyard & Patio Design

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Terrace Design and Landcaping

Drip Irrigation Systems

Landscape Lighting

Pergola Design

Roof Garden Design

Deck Design

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