Landscaping in the West Village

Spending time outdoors can alleviate stress and boost your mood. There are parks you can visit in the West Village area of New York, but it’s inconvenient and time-consuming to travel if you want to connect with nature. Imagine having your own green space at home — our team at Amber Freda can help design and create a beautiful outdoor space you can call your own.

Work with an Expert Garden Design and Landscaping Team for Your Outdoor Space

A landscaped outdoor space should be inviting and relaxing. For businesses, a good garden design can attract potential clients. To homeowners, having a garden adorned with the finest plants is rejuvenating. But how do you get started? Our team of landscaping professionals who are experts in garden design can help conceptualize and create your ideal outdoor space. 


Some homeowners may also go for a DIY landscaping project — which is okay if you have experience. Otherwise, you’ll only end up making more costly mistakes, such as picking the wrong materials or lights for the project. Save money, time, and peace of mind by hiring skilled landscape designers instead. 


If you have a landscaping idea or theme, Amber Freda can help enhance this idea and make it a reality. Our team has years of experience with commercial and residential landscapes alike. During the on-site consultation, we’ll determine your needs and budget to recommend cost-effective landscaping solutions.

How Amber Freda Helps Businesses and Homeowners in New York

Are you planning to add a cooking space outside of your home to have more time outdoors? We can design your outdoor kitchen and even help with appliance installation. For homeowners with a rooftop deck, our team can transform your rooftop into a relaxing and functional garden. We’ll take care of everything, including choosing the lighting and plants. We can even handle obtaining any necessary permits. Other services we offer include backyard and patio design, drip irrigation systems, pergola and terrace design, and landscape lighting.

Partner with Amber Freda Today

Our years of industry experience have exposed us to the challenges of landscaping and how to tackle them. If you have a hilly or a sloping yard, our team can help level them out or consider adding steps. We can incorporate benches, fire pits, pergolas, and saunas to enhance your outdoor space. 


Our process starts with an onsite consultation. We’ll visit your property to determine the perfect landscaping design for your space. Feel free to let us know your needs or other features you’d like to add, and our team will be sure to include them. We’ll recommend different designs and help you choose the right one, creating your outdoor space based on your wants, needs, and budget. Contact us today for a consultation.


NYC Landscape & Garden Design

Here are the list of Amber Freda’s garden and landscape design services.

Garden and Landscape Design

Backyard & Patio Design

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Terrace Design and Landcaping

Drip Irrigation Systems

Landscape Lighting

Pergola Design

Roof Garden Design

Deck Design

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