5 Gorgeous Ideas for Sustainable Landscape Design

Whether you choose a complex or a simple landscape design idea, you’ll want to participate in environmental landscaping.  Environmental landscaping uses the principles of landscape design to provide you with great looking property using sustainable landscape solutions. Here are 5 ideas to consider when developing a simple landscaping design. Sustainable Landscape Solutions for Landscape Design […]

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Holy Basil

A famous Ayurvedic medicinal herb, Holy Basil has been widely used in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years. Today, it is starting to be used more and more in Western medicine as people are discovering its impressive healing properties. How Can You Benefit From Holy Basil Supplements? Based on the numerous possible benefits of holy

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Worth Your Thyme!

“Thyme is a small herb belonging to the mint family of plants, and has a rich history of use spanning over hundreds of years. Aside from its therapeutic uses, thyme is also used in cooking. Fresh or dried, its leaves and flowers are mixed into casseroles, soups, stews and sautéed vegetables to add a sprightly flavor.” The

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Sage, the Savior

“A member of the mint family, sage (Salvia officinalis) originated from the northern Mediterranean coast, where it was traditionally used for cooking. Italians are known to add flavor to veal with sage, while the French use it for sausages, stuffing and cured meats. The herb’s warm and musky essence also probably reminds you of homemade turkey dressing

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